Meet The Founders

Jae Kim is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OhWorm!. At OhWorm!, he spearheads the most far-reaching student-run education nonprofit in the world, developing content that bridges educational gaps across the globe. He has been interviewed by several news channels for his work, recognized as an innovator in virtual education, and written for the New York Times. 


Jae has been recognized as the winner of the Regional Junior Sciences & Humanities Symposium for his work in immunology research and has won national and international writing awards. He believes in educational equity for underserved populations and has worked to educate immigrant populations about conservation and tutor refugee children to empower their future. 

Jaeah Kim is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of OhWorm!. Her objective is to redefine the bounds of education to alleviate socioeconomic inequality and democratize learning. At heart, Jaeah is an innovator who believes in bettering the human condition through inspiring curiosity and discovery. She has been recognized as one of top 300 in the country by the Regeneron Science Talent Search, third internationally in Cellular and Molecular Biology by the International Science & Engineering Fair, the winner of the NYC Science and Engineering Fair, as well as the winner of Regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. 


Jaeah believes that communication is the key to sharing knowledge; she co-founded an organization that introduces students to scientific literature, co-led a team to create a biology textbook for students in underserved African communities, and volunteers for the Wildlife Conservation Society as an educator. In her free time, she likes to read and write science fiction, and have won top medals at national writing competitions. 


JaeJeong Kim

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Jaeah Kim

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer